The sierra of URBASA – ANDIA

Millions of years ago, the relief of a great plateau known as Zunbeltz or Lizarraga changed for ever. A gigantic tectonic slip occurred that led to the opening of a wide passage between the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andía. On the crest between Atlantic Navarre and the Mediterranean watershed, both make up an extensive […]

Monastery of Irantzu

Hidden in the lush green valley of Yerri, in an isolated spot between the mountains, stands the Monastery of St. Mary of Irantzu, a grandiose Cistercian abbey built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. Its elegant, austere Gothic cloister is one of the most beautiful corners of the monastery, inviting you to discover the different […]

Puente la Reina, the crossroads of the ways

Puente la Reina, “the crossroads of the ways”, is a medieval town where the two main routes on the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago de Compostela converge. It is one of the enclaves with the greatest affinity with Compostela in Navarre. The constant transit of pilgrims, the scallop shells and the walking sticks all form part […]