Birdwatching in the Urbasa and Andia mountain ranges

The Sierras de Urbasa and Andia stretch from east to west at heights ranging from 700 to almost 1,500 metres above sea level. They are edged with numerous crags and the wide summits are mainly covered with large Beech woods and mountain pastures with a good number of limestone outcrops. The northern face is markedly […]

Birding Navarra, because you like birds

When your fondness to observe birds is one of the reasons that pushes you to make the suitcase and prepare the backpack to go to that place that you had been looking for in the internet, some book or some magazine of those that make the birders so much dream, also It is important that […]

The sierra of URBASA – ANDIA

Millions of years ago, the relief of a great plateau known as Zunbeltz or Lizarraga changed for ever. A gigantic tectonic slip occurred that led to the opening of a wide passage between the mountain ranges of Urbasa and Andía. On the crest between Atlantic Navarre and the Mediterranean watershed, both make up an extensive […]