The burbling of crystalline water, the light filtering among the leaves of the trees, bathing the landscape in a lime green light and the aroma of nature has made this place, listed as a nature reserve since 1987, one of Navarre’s most spectacular enclaves.

The Source of the Urederra is located north of Estella-Lizarra. It is the natural outlet of the aquifer lying under the karstic massif of Urbasa. Its first emergence takes place at an altitude of 700 metres, on the southern edge of the plateau, with an impressive 100 metre fall that, over millions of years, has modelled a rocky amphitheatre of breathtaking beauty.

After this come other waterfalls and abundant turquoise-coloured pools that are formed as a consequence of the karstic structure, which lets the water repeatedly seep through the cracks in the rocks from the bowels of the earth. The particular hue of these waters probably inspired the name of the river, as “Urederra” means “beautiful water”. Apart from the water, there is also a diversity of flora and fauna occupying this natural space —beech, oak, elm, maple, yew and almond trees, stand out among the more significant plants, while griffon and Egyptian vultures, kites, eagles and ravens represent the animal kingdom.

A low-difficulty trail, 5.3 kilometres long, accompanies the river up to it’s beautiful source. The route, which is clearly marked, begins on the edge of the car park located at the entrance of the town of Baquedano. After taking the main track and crossing a gate, the trail forks. We recommend going up the left branch, which runs nearer the river and returning along the eastern path, which proceeds at a higher elevation.

The place is part of the Urbasa-Andía Nature Reserve, located in the Amescoa Valley, a land of bioclimatic transition, flanked by the Urbasa plateau and the precipitous Sierra de Loquiz. Among other attractions, Amescoa offers several nature trails, many megalithic remains and villages that maintain their traditional nature. To top it all off, you can enjoy the excellent local food, based on local products —beans, lamb, ewe’s milk junket, Idiazabal cheese and the famous patxaran sloe berry liqueur.

Practical information:

  • Locality: Bakedano
  • Zone: The Pyrenees
  • Email:
  • Tel: 685628949
  • Protected area : Reserva Natural
  • Notice: In order to conserve this Nature Reserve, the number of visitors per day has been limited, so we recommend making a reservation in advance here.
  • Distance from AMALUR ETXEA: 56,3 km.


Access to the nature reserve is free of charge.
The car park at Baquedano costs 3€/vehicle and it is open from 15 September to 18 December on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 09:00 to 17:00. From 9 December to 28 February the car park is free of charge.


The total length of the path is 5.3 kilometres (return) and a difference in height of 200 metres.
We recommend good walking boots due to the irregular terrain, which is impermeable when it rains.
The path is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility nor for children’s’ pushchairs.

The phone number 685 628 949 is only attended when the Information Point at Baquedano is open. If you need tourist information on the area, contact the tourism office in Estella-Lizarra 948 556 301.