Located very near Logroño next to the Pilgrim’s Way to Compostela, this wetland, classified as a Nature Reserve and Special Bird Protection Area (ZEPA), is one of the most important in Navarre due to its singularity and the variety of birds that pass through it. It is an ideal place to observe nesting and wintering waterfowl. There is a path around the perimeter of the lake that leads to the El Bordón’ Bird Observatory.
The walk, around 4.5 kilometres and completely flat, allows the visitor to observer numerous bird species with relative ease from different points. These include herons, purple herons and bitterns. The observatory contains information panels on the uses of water, vegetation, and wintering and nesting birds. It also offers the visitor an audiovisual display, binoculars and telescopes. Guided visits for schoolchildren are also organised during the school year.

CIN near Viana

These wetlands, known in the region as the reservoir of Las Cañas or ‘el Salobre’, are one of the most important of their kind in Navarre. Located in Viana, to the west of the region on the border with La Rioja, they have been classified as a Nature Reserve and Area of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA), and in 1996 were included on the List of Wetlands of International Importance.
Despite their semi-artificial origin – they originated with the main idea of irrigating the fields in the area – over time they have become an important habitat for numerous waterfowl. Resident populations in Navarre are joined by wintering species on their journeys from more northerly countries.

The Observatory

A series of panels offer a variety of information on the Network of Protected Spaces in Navarre, the Las Cañas reservoir, the uses of the water, the indigenous vegetation and the birds that inhabit it.
The centre is equipped with binoculars and telescopes with which to enjoy the different species that inhabit this Nature Reserve ‘live’. If you like, you can round off a visit to the observatory with a walk along the sign-posted route that runs round the reservoir to get an even closer look at the birdlife.

Practical information:

  • Locality: Viana
  • Zone: The Central Zone
  • Web: www.lagunadeviana.es
  • Email: info@lagunadeviana.es
  • Teléfono: 696830898
  • Protected area : Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves
  • Distance from AMALUR ETXEA: 92,9 km.