Fulgen Sutil, responsible of the garden Viveros Sustrai

Sustrai Mintegiak forest nursery makes ornamental plants for gardening, with three main sections: perennial, grasses, and shrubs.We have a list of more than 250 kinds of ornamental plants to design and make your garden.

Our gardens are colourful and have different textures and movements; you can see in them how the seasons go.

All the process is made in our place: from the multiplication of the plants to the display and sale. We work with two formats and sizes:  one tray with 15 cells and a capacity of 8 cm3. each, and a pot of  2-3 litres.

We don’t use weed-killer, and we give isolated treatments when the whitefly or the greenfly assail.

We take part in the collector’s plants show that takes place every year the last weekend of April in Aia-Iturraran, Gipuzkoa.

Visit the Viveros Sustrai and you will know a special way to know gardening by not using herbicides or pesticides. Discover with them the blooms of their collections of Salvias, Coeopsis, Penstemon, Echinaceas, Rudbeckias, Hemerocallis, Agapanthus. …… Rusticity and beautiful and long blooms.

In its page you will find photos of each plant as well as the most relevant data and the needs of each of them, provenance, flowering, sun-shadow, water and soil need, planting frame, advised orientation, etc.

Practical information:

Location: Viveros Sustrai Garden, Etxarri