When your fondness to observe birds is one of the reasons that pushes you to make the suitcase and prepare the backpack to go to that place that you had been looking for in the internet, some book or some magazine of those that make the birders so much dream, also It is important that your destination is up to your expectations and the love of ornithology permeates the sheets that will caress you during that stay.

In this list of accommodations you will find people committed to ornithology, knowing the environment you want to visit or who can get in touch with guides or specialized services that make it easier to meet the objectives you have set.

In addition, in these establishments you will have specialized books or magazines that will also make your stay more pleasant.

This is a selection of ideal locations for birding in Navarra. These spots have been chosen because a good number of interesting bird species frequent them, they provide good watching conditions, easy access and because they allow for birding without disturbing or putting birds at risk. They also offer many more natural values (fauna, flora and geology) and are of outstanding natural beauty.

The set of these locations covers almost all of the bird species found in Navarra over the yearly cycle.