Nothing better than starting the day with energy and for that
we offer you a healthy and complete breakfast:

Our homemade cake, made with eggs from our chickens, raised in an organic way. Made with care with quality flour and virgin olive oil in the traditional style.

We use whole milk from integrated production of cows from Navarrese farmers.

Homemade jam AIDIN, elaborated in an artisanal way and with raw material from local producers in most cases, made in Ororbia, a small town next door.

They are natural jams, without preservatives or dyes. They are made with good quality fruits, they are not worth past or beaten, they have to be good. Also, some freshly squeezed sugar and lemon” (Inma Montosa – AIDIN)

Integral and fair trade cane sugar to sweeten fresh coffee.

The panela is a very potent sweetener that is obtained by evaporating the sugar cane juices. It is a type of sugar widely used in Latin American countries, and its use is becoming more geographically speaking, as it contains countless properties. The secret of this sugar is that it is completely natural and has not undergone any process in its elaboration.

Organic whole wheat bread made in the Panadería Artesana de Arguiñariz.

Our trajectory in the elaboration of ecological bread has been characterized since its inception by the requirement in the quality of the raw materials, looking for different varieties of suitable wheats and being very demanding with the natural process of bread making, not incorporating any additive, using only mother yeast and not forcing the fermentation processes. This requirement is known and highly valued by our customers, who acquire our products mostly in herbodietics and small food stores.

Knowing wheat and flour before transforming gives us an almost complete view of the whole bread process. Only with good wheat can we make good bread. To ensure this, before the acquisition of wheat, aspects such as waste, baking strength, toughness, elasticity, balance, protein, gluten and moisture are analyzed.” (Pan de Arguiñariz – Arginarizko ogia)

Traditional white bread, also artisan.

We intersperse other products such as Legasa sheep cheese, ham, artisan yogurt, etc., all of them also of great quality, in addition to seasonal fruit.

As if this were not enough, in all our breakfasts you can enjoy seasonal fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice.